Yahoo! Blog Post: What an MP’s visit to our condo was like

I received a letter on Friday, 15 April 2011, from our condominium management. I thought it was probably about them fogging the place again and reminding us to close our windows.
The last time they fogged without telling us, some of us chucked a fit and said they should always tell us when something’s going down.
It wasn’t about fogging that the letter was trying to tell the residents of our small condo, but the impending visit of one of our Members of Parliament (MPs), the Minister for Information, Communications and the Arts, Rear Admiral Lui Tuck Yew…

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7 responses to “Yahoo! Blog Post: What an MP’s visit to our condo was like”

  1. Eilly Avatar

    This same MP came to our Condo , also in the evening.
    Door to Door.
    Must admire their stamina !!

    BUT When I asked him about WELFARE , BENEFITS , he kept saying
    ” The usual ” , ” The usual ” .

    He then turned and walked away, he did not tell me to vote for him !!

    So ok, I am not voting for him !!

  2. Vernon Avatar

    Dear Mr Miyagi,

    It’s so funny because I had exactly the same experience when Mr Lui visited my block/estate at Farrer Park just a few months back. 15mins before his arrival, his entourage knocked on every unit to check whether residents would be willing to meet up with him or not. So I thought what the heck, since I’m at home and I could reflect to him the problems with the peeling ceiling of my kitchen and all.
    But guess what, the moment he arrived, shook hands with me, asked who I lived with and how’s everything. I said generally alright and before I could bring up the issues I had intended to, he whipped out the name card, everything happened in a flash and in less than 2minutes, he and his entourage turned and left!

    I find the meeting up with residents so insincere, fake and a utter waste of time. It’s just putting up a show to make his presence in the estate felt. That’s all to it.

  3. onlooka Avatar

    While this reviewer is not uncritical or without reservations about some government policies, mr miyagi does seem to have set out to `needle’ adm liu who is only human after all

    Just waiting for chance to `bait’ public figures and then blog/brag about what happened is petty

    Constituents who do have real or actual concerns can always write to or make appointments with their MPs surely; they do not have to wait for these tours or visits

  4. Vernon Avatar

    I see a troll

  5. Joshua Avatar

    Hey Mr Miyagi, I read this story a couple of times and have to say, it’s very refreshing to read stories which are on the ground-level and funny. Was thinking that there should be a parody of Lui using Cee-Lo Green’s very famous song (you know which one I’m referring to). A music video showing him walking around the constituency singing about how wonderful he is and the chorus, using his name of course, with his ‘supporters’ shouting it out.

  6. a real person Avatar
    a real person

    onlooka, how much are you paid to write these comments? That lui tuck you has the worst EQ imaginable and that he managed to rub everyone he came in contact with the wrong way is too well documented to be conjecture. It is good that Mr Miyagi has dealt with this topic in a non-sensationalist way.

  7. a real person Avatar
    a real person

    For a “public figure” to be a sociopath there has to be a great big flaw in how people come into politics here. was this guy elected by popular vote through campaigning? so far I only heard his big tree and mushroom analogy. that was a godawful speech. A pap minister couldn’t have done that. the videos on youtube must have been acted by a lookalike.

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