Year: 2010

  • Eating tour of Shanghai in pictures

    We left Shanghai with a lighter heart and heavier tummy, and this is why:

  • Waxy corn

    On our eating tour of Shanghai, we came upon a shop on Huaihai Lu that sold steamed corn on the cob. Perfect for nomming while walking back to our serviced apartment. A couple of bites into one, I started asking Naomi’s mum how they managed to put sweet glutinous rice into every kernel of corn…

  • Home again

    We had so many things we had to get a Maxi Cab to get us home. As you can imagine, not everything’s unpacked yet, and we also have the creeping feeling that Shanghai’s grown on us. Heck. I think I spoke more Mandarin in one week than I have in ten years.

  • Franckly beats any French fare in Singapore

    This is turning into an eating tour of Shanghai. It’s been a couple of hours since Naomi and I returned to our serviced apartment from dinner at Franck. It was no ordinary dinner. It was OMG THIS IS SO GOOD WE COULD LIVE HERE AND EAT HERE, IF NOT EVERY DAY, THEN AT LEAST ONCE…

  • Best egg tart in the world

    The last time we were in Shanghai, we had the good fortune of being stuck in a jam on the corner of Huaihai Zhong Lu and Maoming Lu. Our friend Han Tong was in the taxi with us. And when we asked him why the heck people were queuing outside a hole in the wall,…