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  • Posting Raindrops

    Prime Minister gratefully posts a picture of rain: The Acting Minister For Manpower posts a picture of rain: And the Member of Parliament for Tampines posts a picture of himself:

  • Yahoo! Blog Post: What an MP’s visit to our condo was like

    I received a letter on Friday, 15 April 2011, from our condominium management. I thought it was probably about them fogging the place again and reminding us to close our windows. The last time they fogged without telling us, some of us chucked a fit and said they should always tell us when something’s going…

  • Secret blog of a P65 MP: Part 6

    Uploaded with plasq‘s Skitch! Dear Blog, Yes, it is time to move on to other things, put things in perspective and focus on the big picture. There have been so much negative news lately that I imagine Singaporeans would be quite disheartened if they were to continue talking about them. So kudos to my colleagues…

  • Secret blog of a P65 MP: Part 5

    Dear Blog, Lam Pin Min beat me to it again. I was just about to post this up, and I log on and find that he’s beaten all of us to the blog again. Well done, colleague. Speaking of colleagues, we are all colleagues in this team, whether or not we are in Cabinet. And…

  • Terror without trousers

    Reuters’ headline for the topic of the week goes below the belt: “Singapore says militant escaped without trousers” (via I.Z. Reloaded). They’ve said that the dude’s a master of disguise, and the first suspicious character that came to mind was “Singa The Courtesy Lion”. The resemblance is uncanny. Uploaded with plasq‘s Skitch!