Year: 2008

  • Times are tough when your Ramen gets smaller

    After a really long day, Naomi, her mum and I decided on Ramen Santouka for dinner, and we were a little taken aback by the notices they put up, some of them about how your Ramen-Ricebowl-Egg set has been downgraded to a Small-Ramen-Salad set, and that you have to cough up an additional dollar to…

  • Ugly Christmas

    Having driven through Orchard Road in the evenings several times this month now, it cannot be said often enough how ugly the decorations are this year. This (as suggested in April) would’ve been better:

  • Eating the twelve days of Christmas

    Meat lovers’ Christmas lunch We ate Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day and we’re probably gonna be eating the weekend as well. We’ve been feasting so much because you gotta have turkey and you gotta have ham, and those things can only come in certain sizes – there’s no fun-sized turkeys or hams –…

  • Good tidings to you

    Jake the Cat, Mac the Dog and the rest of us wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a peaceful New Year.

  • Pregnancy tickers

    I’m test-driving pregnancy tickers for your benefit. Here’s my favourite from You make your own ticker/countdown graphic by entering due dates and/or LMP, choose the background and the colour (yes) of your baby. I’ve approximated the colour of ours as close as possible, but he’s not Ang Moh ok?