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  • Democracy Doesn’t Mean The Minority Must Shut Up

    That is how we work together for the good of EVERYONE in this country. So, please, stop gloating and thinking that that’s the end of the debate on S377A and every other minority right.

  • A Few Things About Tan Chuan-Jin

    TL:DR version: If I lived in Marine Parade and it was an SMC, I’d vote for Tan Chuan-Jin, because he’s the real deal. Too bad he’s got ‘Self-Check’ Goh Chok Tong as his GRC mate. I lost touch with Chuan-Jin, or CJ as I remembered him in school, the moment he left for RJC. He…

  • I Have Old Stuff From My Dad’s Office Too: Part 1

    The picture above is of former Minister of Culture Mr Jek Yuen Thong giving a speech at the opening of the Oriental Development Corporation Limited (Marble And Plastic Factories) in 1972. My father is seated at the extreme left in the photo.

  • Posting Raindrops

    Prime Minister gratefully posts a picture of rain: The Acting Minister For Manpower posts a picture of rain: And the Member of Parliament for Tampines posts a picture of himself:

  • Yahoo! Blog Post: What an MP’s visit to our condo was like

    I received a letter on Friday, 15 April 2011, from our condominium management. I thought it was probably about them fogging the place again and reminding us to close our windows. The last time they fogged without telling us, some of us chucked a fit and said they should always tell us when something’s going…