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  • Flea Powder

    Flea Powder

    I’m recalling memories of my father by occasionally visiting places significant in his life. Every time I do, these places give up a little bit more about what made my father who he was.

  • Limestone Cowboy

    Adios, Mr Campbell

  • SG Buzz: Boston, Chicago, And Pittsburgh

    SG Buzz: Boston, Chicago, And Pittsburgh

    I was honoured to be invited to speak last week to Singaporeans working and studying in three American cities. Organized by the US Liaison of the Overseas Singaporean Unit – the same people who bring Singapore Day to known Singaporean hubs around the world – the talks were held at cozy venues which also featured…

  • My Father And The Melbourne Olympics

    My Father And The Melbourne Olympics

    I’ve told this story many times before, but as the Olympic Games get under way in Rio, I remember again my father’s stint sixty years ago at the Melbourne Olympics: In another age altogether, my father scored a temp job at the Melbourne Olympics as a general clerk/intern assisting the accounts department. The Games then…

  • Qing Ming 2018

    I was in a cab last week and the driver complained about how it was crowded around the Sin Ming area because it was the “last weekend” of Qing Ming. So to assuage my guilt about completely forgetting to visit my parents’ tombs (they after-live separately – Mum’s buried in Choa Chu Kang, and Pa’s…