Year: 2007

  • A Bird Park of biblical promotions

    I was walking Mac this afternoon on the pavement outside our apartment blocks, and at the bus stop I saw a poster for the Jurong Bird Park with a verse from Isaiah – “They will soar on wings like eagles”, and I thought it slightly disturbing that in a secular and multi-racial city state, there’d…

  • Why golf is as good as tennis

    It’s time to take the clubs out of the closet. Because golf’s Anna is as hot as tennis’ Maria. And I haven’t even seen her tee off, much less birdie a hole, but I’ll definitely (with the wife’s blessing) be keeping an eagle eye out for her, regardless of how many bogeys she makes or…

  • How much can a koala bear?

    “Snapple Real Facts” are, as mentioned, found under the bottle cap or on the website. They are not on the drink’s labels, which can be a bit misleading. I haven’t heard of koalas eating or drinking kiwifruit, even if they were the best stuff on earth . Technorati Tags: Singapore, kiwi, koala, snapple

  • Very very slow news day?

    Eh, Mun Wai, scoop! You do this story lah! Dowan! Anything else? Disaster? Accidents? Injuries? Riots? Nope. Nada. That’s the best you’ve got. OK then. And we won’t be sending a photographer with you. OK then. Technorati Tags: channelnewsasia, news, Singapore

  • Completely useless Christmas gifts: parking coupon holder

    Available in three colours, and going for a steal at $38 at Anthropology, you’ll never have to wonder where you keep your URA/HDB parking coupons because you can’t be bothered to check the glove compartment, ever again. And don’t worry, you’ve already gotten the ERP IU cashcard cover to deter would-be thieves from breaking your…