Kumar: Stripped Bare – big shout out

Kumar: Stripped Bare & Standing Up

It’s not every day one gets to write the script for a completely sold out show.

It’s been such privilege to help write Kumar’s show (which closed last night), and I only wish the run was longer so’s more people could’ve watched it.

It’s also been an extremely rewarding experience interviewing Kumar for a week at the beginning of this project, listening to his life stories, of which there were so many that there was the added task of picking which ones to put in the show.

What made it fun also was the fact that it wasn’t just one way traffic – Kumar learned from me about the lack of Tamil directional signage at the Airport, while I learned that “Lingam” is a symbol used in the worship of Shiva, and which is sometimes portrayed as a phallic symbol.

To correct Nalinee (just a little bit), the script wasn’t quite ‘well researched’ – it was more like the product of many good chats with Kumar.

There were also incredible moments where Kumar, beyond all expectations, took offence at a proposed punchline because it was too racist.

Thank you very much Selena, Kumar, Maniam (The Tabla Man), every single one from Dream Academy, and every single crew member that made this show rock.

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9 responses to “Kumar: Stripped Bare – big shout out”

  1. night, brought us closer to him in a level of intimacy we have not been to before. I do believe some of us might’ve grown closer to him that evening. Some of us might’ve been scared for a bit, ironically. Great job there with the script,Ben. Eh, not used to it lah, seeing Kumar naked* for the first time. But you know what? I was moved by what I saw, and what makes it sweeter is the fact that he is every bit of a Singaporean as I am. He makes a great poster queen for Singapore Tourism

  2. Benjamin Lee Avatar

    From miyagi.sg: Kumar: Stripped Bare – big shout out http://tinyurl.com/daaeh6

  3. Elizabeth Lim Avatar

    great job on the show! it was my first Kumar show (i was wayyy too young back then) and most def NOT my last! loved it! great collab!
    all the best to you, naomi and baby lee!
    I was thinking, how about the name David, or Elliot, or Julian? Just throwing in some names:)
    And i totally understand the lack of pronunciation of the “-th” in names. My name always ends up as “Eliza-bird” ANNOYING LIKE FISH.

    Elizabeth Lim

  4. Otterman Avatar

    Congrats Benjamin, big achievement!

  5. Mr Miyagi Avatar

    Thanks Elizabeth! Yah, people named Thomas must be annoyed too.

  6. Elizabeth Lim Avatar

    Come onnnn! Embrace the SG attempt at a new lit genre!
    I strongly emphasize “attempt” though 😀
    Btw, no problem! Looking forward to your next project(s).

  7. Elizabeth Lim Avatar

    Come onnnn! Embrace the SG attempt at a new lit genre!
    I strongly emphasize “attempt” though 😀
    Btw, no problem! Looking forward to your next project(s).

  8. Sherry M Avatar
    Sherry M

    I always enjoy his shows. His perspective of Singaporereans from the various racial groups, their culture and their way of life. However, i have noticed that he dampens the mood of the show by talking about wat his Dad did (drinking, beating etc). The atmosphere of the show is charged, happy and gay, then he brings it down by talking about his Dad. We go home with mixed emotions. It is not that we are being insensitive, but to let the audience have a happy note when they leave. This is just my humble opinion.

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