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  • Kumar: Stripped Bare – big shout out

  • We have a weener!

    OK, the winner of the Kumar Stripped Bare Ticket Contest is onewheel, who correctly guessed that Kumar was a Signaler (Sorry, chainsawieldinun, onewheel was closer). To be slightly more accurate, he was a combat signaler in an infantry unit. Congratulations, onewheel! Enjoy the show!

  • Kumar Tix going fast – get yours here for free

    The people at Dream Academy tell me that tickets for Kumar’s show are selling out, and that there are only single seats left for some categories. So I’ll remind you all that there are two tickets here for seats next to each other, for the first person to correctly guess Kumar’s vocation in NS. (Hints:…

  • Free tickets: Kumar strips bare

    I have been at rehearsals for the past week for Kumar’s show, and I speak for everyone when I say we are having damn a lot of fun, can? It’s also been a real privilege to be the writer for this show, because the stuff that Kumar’s been spewing during our workshops has been just…