$1b plant made using living cells?

Plant made of living cells?

I bought the papers this morning and saw on the front page that some pharmaceutical company was going to build a $1b “plant in Tuas using living cells”, and I thought, oh wow, and opened the paper in a hurry to read about the amazing biotechnological-construction-breakthrough thingie that would finally allow us to thumb our Singaporean noses at sand and granite bans.

So apparently the building’s not going to be made from or with the help of living cells. Dang. Would’ve been really something if it were. And it would’ve been almost as good as that headline in WW2: British push bottles up German rear“.

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4 responses to “$1b plant made using living cells?”

  1. have-no-inspiration-to-blog-today-so-i…

    Have no inspiration to blog today, so I shall direct you to

    mr miyagi’s blog

    It should read:

    Novartis to build cutting-edge pharmaceutical plant in Tuas which uses live cells for production….

  2. v Avatar

    plants are made of cells. Haha.

  3. v Avatar

    plants are made of cells. Haha.

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