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  • School of love

    Uploaded with plasq‘s Skitch! And now, when you find it difficult to get hitched, they won’t say you’ve been “left on the shelf”, they’ll say, it’s time you got “institutionalised“.

  • Excuse me sir, any pump?

    “Make by Burke” Our Ang Moh friends find it hard to understand us sometimes, and it suits us just fine. It suits them fine too. In fact, this status quo ante bellum thingie works well for everyone. If something stuffs up, the Ang Moh can just say they find it hard to understand us, and…

  • $1b plant made using living cells?

    I bought the papers this morning and saw on the front page that some pharmaceutical company was going to build a $1b “plant in Tuas using living cells”, and I thought, oh wow, and opened the paper in a hurry to read about the amazing biotechnological-construction-breakthrough thingie that would finally allow us to thumb our…