Tag: Singlish

  • Two kinds of horror

    I got diaper duty Sunday afternoon when we were at Paragon because Naomi was busy at some shop – so Kai and I made our way to the diaper change room at level 5 to get him cleaned up. He knows the drill, and he’s familiar with the change room, which is small, functional, and…

  • State of the nation

    Almost every other blog post this month has been about the baby, so Naomi and I have endeavoured to keep abreast (breastfeeding pun not intended) of current news and happenings here: 1) It is heartening to note that home grown brand Cedele is spelling things as they pronounce them: 2) Just as heartening that the…

  • Handling crime

    We’ll handle it, no worries!

  • Underworld childbirth

    Yesterday we congratulated our friends Mika and Gary because they’re brand new parents to a brand new baby boy, and we went and visited them at KKH just a couple of hours after she’d returned to the ward and enjoyed her first couple of hours of motherhood. It was a happy afternoon all round, and…

  • Young people nowadays

    I love it – the phrase “young people nowadays”. And although I’m sure I’d have been able to find it in a few news articles, it still made me chuckle when I did in one today. Uploaded with plasq‘s Skitch!