We will test your water to see if it is wet

About two months ago, our tap water turned brown, and we got the PUB in to check what was wrong. They had come, turned on the taps, looked at the muddy water, ummed and ahhed a lot without doing anything.

We then persuaded them to take a sample of discolored water back to their high tech labs to see if it was safe. Not least because we have a toddler in the house and one of the last things we want is for him to suffer poisoning from dirty tap water.

It took a few days before the PUB called back, saying the test results were out. The man on the phone sounded really serious, and told me the results weren’t good.

“What is it?”, I asked. “Giardia? E-Coli? What?”

“No”, said the serious-sounding man from the PUB.

“It is the discoloration. The water is very discolored. It is very bad”.

Very patiently, I asked if the water was safe for drinking if it had turned clear. And he told me that his lab “don’t have that kind of testing parameters”.

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5 responses to “We will test your water to see if it is wet”

  1. Yaevlejunce Avatar

    I’ve always been curious to know: why do you hyphenate your words?

    1. Ink Avatar

      see see! Miyagi I got say before your webpage sometimes got hypen appear!

  2. pink microphone Avatar
    pink microphone

    Perhaps cuz it happens once in 50 years? ;p

  3. Dyn Dns Avatar

    WTH?? How does clear, transparent water get discoloured? As far as the physics and engineering (and english lessons) education I had, “Transparent” is an absence of colour.

    Man!! Does this guy sound like another FT??

  4. Richstef Avatar

    your pipes are very old, don’t blame PUB

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