Category: At home

  • Talking Point About Parenting

    Tonight, Kai and I appear on Talking Point with four other fathers and their children. The topic is fatherhood, the role of fathers in the family. It was meant to be a relaxed, shoot the breeze shoot, together with some attempt at cooking. Naomi and I are very fortunate to have a wonderful boy who…

  • Far Cough

    Yesterday Kai asked me if I knew what a fart and cough at the same time was called. I said, “No, do you?” He said yes and then took out the last consonant of “fart” and joined it with “cough” to make one word. I told him never to say it again.

  • What’s Made Me Feel Better After A Very, Very Long Week

    Tonight, our son, who hasn’t asked for one in ages, asks for a ‘goodnight song’ to put him to bed. I scramble because I haven’t sung in a while, and manage ‘Rockabye Baby’, hoping he’ll fall asleep fast if I sang mournfully. After I sing it twice, he mumbles, ‘Papa I think that you are one…

  • Lego Minifigures To Swap

      So we have two bad cops, one Abe Lincoln, one Panda pair, two baristas and one Western Wyld Style available to swap for: Emmett, William Shakespeare, Robot Girl Receptionist & Mermaid. If we get these, then EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!

  • TGI

    I’m thankful the first week and a half of work for the year is done. More importantly, I am thankful for the many blessings I carry into this new year: my wife who does everything outside of my work for me, and who sometimes does my work. And our amazingly affectionate four and a half…