Month: April 2011

  • The self-pwning Straits Times and TODAY letters sections?

    Update: I changed the title of the post because Tessa Wong of ST has a point Update 2: Apparently, Mr Chua says it was the one letter he sent to both papers, and the ORIGINAL is the TODAY one (via @kitsune_shoujo). Update 3 (sigh): So Mr Chua apologizes on the same thread for accusing ST…

  • Need for Speed handsfree

    Apple and EA came up with a handsfree rig for iPod/iPhone gamers. Post-game neck massage and panadol not included.

  • How to solve the Tin Peiling issue

    An old friend of mine wrote this on Facebook, and it’s too good not to republish: The PAP was for many years jocularly referred to as Pian Ah Pek or Pay and Pay. I remember one afternoon, many years ago, talking to the elderly Toh Chin Chye. He was by then long estranged from the…

  • Into The Woods: Behind the scenes video

  • I don’t want Tin Pei Ling

    Dear People’s Action Party, I do not want Tin Pei Ling to be a Member of Parliament. It is partly because I do not agree with her views about the widening income gap not being the government’s responsibility. And just because she’s been volunteering at grassroots level doesn’t mean she’s automatically capable of representing people…