I don’t want Tin Pei Ling

Dear People’s Action Party, I do not want Tin Pei Ling to be a Member of Parliament. It is partly because I do not agree with her views about the widening income gap not being the government’s responsibility. And just because she’s been volunteering at grassroots level doesn’t mean she’s automatically capable of representing people on policies. If that were the case, there must be many other social work volunteers who qualify to become MPs.

I am angry you haven’t even considered listening to us. There are many who share my views, and we are upset that you think our protests are “noise”. Sure, there are idiots who take issue with Miss Tin’s fashion sense and her affinity for branded goods, but we, the Singaporean people, are telling you very calmly and carefully, that we do not want her as one of our MPs.

She can have her internship somewhere else and learn on another job. Just not on our money. We’re not buying any more of your statements in defence of her character or “mettle” or “steel” – it’s all just noise.

But of course, with the current system in place, you are free to do whatever you want without further consultation with the people you supposedly act for.

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65 responses to “I don’t want Tin Pei Ling”

  1. Kelvin Avatar

    What do u expect, young people who wanna work for the government, or rather PAP, it coz of the money. IF they really wanna help Singapore, they will chose other parties to solve the problems cause by PAP.

  2. Jlim Avatar

    Good on you KinMun to put it without ‘vitirol’. I guess if the PAP ignores the online ‘noise’ what say the people of Marine Parade stand up and vote out the incumbent GRC MPs of PAP and let the PAP hear it loud and clear that TPL will be the downfall of PAP in the 2011 elections?

    1. Mr Miyagi Avatar

      Heh. Kin Mun is at mrbrown.com

  3. Sg Commute Spy Avatar

    Agreed. The PAP have done great things for Singapore, but strong-armed politics and the inability to admit a wrong is distasteful.

  4. Sg Commute Spy Avatar

    That said, you realise that in the Civil Service College, they teach the policy of, ‘do what is right, not what is popular.’

  5. Jol Avatar

    i wonder why the dashes are always there

  6. Tin Pei Ling Avatar
    Tin Pei Ling

    Have you suddenly become royalty, or are you speaking on behalf of all Singaporeans? If the latter, I presume you are self-appointed, like many of the MPs?

    1. Mr Miyagi Avatar

      My apologies. I should have said something to the effect of “some of us Singaporean people”

      1. Soojenn Avatar

        No need to apologise to the like of Tin Tin… you do represent most if not all of Singaporeans, who do NOT want Tin Tin to be an MP, representing us Singaporeans. It will be a total DISGRACE for us to be represented by the likes of her…

    2. Nathanael Seet Avatar

      Is there something wrong with that statement or is it just me?

    3. Terryoh Avatar

      Well she’s certainly speak on behalf of many I know. You should be ashamed of yourself.

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  8. manicstreak Avatar

    #howisthismycountry if i can’t vote to stop someone who thinks 10 years of raking in a pediatrician’s salary is equal to half an adult male’s lifetime of national service?

  9. Pink Miu Miu Avatar

    “Too often, we fall into the trap of regarding a person’s character and personality – one’s entire being – as a sum of one’s Facebook profile or blogs or Twitter posts. While these may provide brief glimpses of the said individual, they do not give the whole picture. ”

    How true is this! Alas, we live in a quick-to-judge society..

    Giver her a chance to prove, at least.

    1. Soojenn Avatar

      A person especially the likes of Tin Tin, will usually want to show the best of what they are… so if what she has shown is the best of what she is, god knows what else to expect..

      Give her a chance? any particular reason why? has Kuan Yew for that matter given any chance to more credible opposition members? This is politics… chance? are you kidding?

    2. Abc Avatar

      Not on $16000 paycheck for an intern MP/politcian. Her years in grassroots and her working and academic credentials dont’t impress. Neither has anything she commented on TV. She does’t even have to prove herself in this election by contesting in a single ward.
      Voters want to give her a chance to prove herself, but first, on the politcal battlefield.

    3. Kinko Avatar

      For someone who never showed empathy and understandings to the people of Singapore in interviews for the past one month, someone who only showed people that she cared ONLY for herself and her families.
      Someone who said educational is low for the young ones when there are family who do have that problem (why did they seek aide in the first place if they can cope?) Someone who said she have no governmental policies she wanna change and only mentioned vaguely there are some when prompted, showing that she either do not care, or do not know what the people of Singapore is going through.
      A month of interviews and she gave us such answers. What chance?????

  10. Stanley Fong Avatar
    Stanley Fong

    RE: Tin Pei Ling

    So she has only been doing grassroot work since she was 21 years old —that doesn’t seems like a long track record.

    I’m still puzzled as to why she was fielded as a candidate.

    In terms of working experience, a lot of people would be dazzled by her title of senior consultant at Ernst & Young.

    Those in the know would tell you that Ernst & Young is not a top-tier consulting firm — the top-tier are firms such as Mckinsey, Bain Consulting, Boston Consulting Group. The top-tier pay entry level consultants $5,000-$6,000 per month and rarely hire graduates with 2nd class upper honors.

    So they field one of the youngest candidate and so far they have not offer anyting exceptional that is about the candidate

  11. Tay Avatar

    Mr Miyagi I totally agree with your post.

    Imagine this….. you have just boarded a plane…….

    “Good morning passenger, This is the pilot speaking, this is my first time piloting a plane…. I have never been to a pilot school before and I have only trained at the simulator yesterday. However, do not be afraid, I hope you have confidence in me and give me a chance. I am currently understudying the most qualified pilot in our airline, and he will always at the control tower instructing me on what to do in cases of emergency. I rest assure you this is the best airline in the world and you will reach your destination safely, have a pleasant ride. PS: You do not have choice to change to another flight or choices to change pilot…. ”

    What will you feel if you are the passenger.

    1. Joel Jongos Avatar
      Joel Jongos

      The passengers then said,”o this is our last travelling experience ! ” We will all perish thanks to the Pilot ! I wonder whether we will land in heaven or Hell !! Hehehehehh thats really good Dude ! hEHEHEHEHEH

    2. Bad Singaporean Avatar
      Bad Singaporean

      You are either stupid or a hypocrate! So you voted for WP who arrogantly admit he cannot drive but can only slap the driver when the driver falls asleep.   

      1. CHAMPALAK Avatar

        oooPS…FOUL ….. stones thrown…. 

  12. Reminisce Avatar

    careful, miyagi… don’t dash in, where angels… etc

  13. Joel Jongos Avatar
    Joel Jongos

    I hope PAP can field 50 like her in this coming election and place them ALL in SMC !! Then,we surely have a vibrant parliament sessions! Dominated by handsome young men from the SDP<REFORM PARTY<SDA AND WORKERS PARTY MPs and the opposition made up of beautiful ladies from the PAP .Hehehehheehheh good idea!!

  14. Joel Jongos Avatar
    Joel Jongos

    sorry cant stop laughing!!

  15. Sunshine123 Avatar

    I know a grassroot leader who know her parents’ background. tin pei ling lied about her parents being hawkers. her parents in fact owned a few coffeeshops. she also dumped her ex boyfriend and ‘chased’ ng how yue like crazy because he is powerful PPS. she got pregnant within 5 months and how yue had to marry her. when she entered grassroots thru her father, she vowed that she will be an MP one day. Very ambitious. This little girl is not a simple girl. With such motives, i wonder how long we will long. food for thought

    1. anon8 Avatar

      You said she got pregnant. What happened to the foetus? TPL said they have no children.

      1. V. Avatar


  16. Abc Avatar

    Only way to know is at the ballot. But PAP will never prove Her critics wrong by letting her contest in a single-ward. So much for choices.

  17. Aki Avatar

    Singapore politics is amazing, no country in the world would field someone with such a track record and background as a member of parliament. Your representation has to be earned, not by gaining entry through the back door.

  18. Jjj2usg Avatar

    Is Tintin wants to serve the people of Singapore or the party she is serving?
    That’s make a lot of difference. At this point of time, how much “noises” has
    she been listening for the past 6 yrs serving in the grassroot? Definitely Not!
    What about the $15,000 pay? Willing to donate for good cause to charity??

  19. Daphne Avatar

    i have not been really bothered about this tin peiling and nicole but after i spend some time watching both prepare their rallies and how they present themselves and views. i really dont think i want Ms tin to be in the parliment. i have nothing against her or on her personal life but really, she’s not capable yet and i dont have any confidence in her representing singapore or the gen y people. she doesnt seem to have a stand or firm views but more like a kalafair in the group. really really puzzled why PAO chose her? based on what?

    1. jason Avatar

      why? this is because her husband is principal private secretary of PM lee. the evil word nepoxxxxx.

    2. Salimah Avatar


      1. concerned Singaporean Avatar
        concerned Singaporean

        having her on their team does not reflect well on the other members too. Is it a case of can’t be bothered to screen, or thinking that Singaporeans are undiscerning. She is definitely not representative of the youths of Singapore – God forbids! I think we have better calibre youths and more thinking ones instead of just being interested in Kate Spade, Universal studio and knowing only how to repeat the same few sentences throughout the interviews : same “prove myself and to gain the trust of Singaporeans” for the various questions

  20. Lynn Avatar

    Please join
    Petition to remove Tin Pei Ling as a MP. Type on facebook to search. They are gathering the Likes before submitting to Media.Bags/Luggage

    1. Ar Avatar

      now that she is in , maybe she can start redeeming herself by donating her MP allowance to fund scholarships, etc

      1. Robin Avatar

        haha, do you really think so? I doubt!

        1. concerned singaporean Avatar
          concerned singaporean

          I dun think so either – need to buy Universal STudio tickets – so that the biggest regret will be down by 1. Second regret – not buying Gucci?

          1. Jmwalker Avatar

             I actually prefer Porsche Design, and why go to Universal Studio and queue in the tropical heat of Singapore?

  21. Austin Sg Avatar
    Austin Sg

    Who voted her anyway? She just piggy back on Goh Chok Tong!

  22. Soonchee8 Avatar

    not a bad idea to start a poll to ask for TPL’s resignation

  23. Soonchee8 Avatar

    not a bad idea to start a poll to ask for TPL’s resignation

  24. Vtlamp Avatar

    think about the number of families you can help to eat at the hawker center with her $15,000 MP’s pay.

  25. Vtlamp Avatar

    think about the number of families you can help to eat at the hawker center with her $15,000 MP’s pay.

  26. Michelle Avatar

    In the frenzy of the public’s general distaste for TPL, many are forgetting to stress the most important fact – that she is IN BREACH of strict elections laws (that the govt warned everyone so sternly abt and which were applied unflinchingly, remember those 35 seconds.). So what we are asking is not a request or a plea- it should in fact be a demand that the rule of law be applied in a fair and just manner. How can someone be so patently above the law just becos she is a PAP candidate. One cld even go so far as to say that her breaking the law (jail or fine is stipulated) disqualifies her as a candidate and her GRC has to forfeit it’s place to SNP! possibly that is why GCT is willing to hold onto her for dear life, despite such a patently unfair application of the laws. (note: SNP also filed a complaint that TPL was in breach for distributing the book ‘burning questions’ at Tampine St 41 on cooling off day). Justice for ALL!

    1. Bad Singaporean Avatar
      Bad Singaporean

      What is the point of being “good” like George Yeo when even he is voted out, without the slightness consideration? Stop being unfair. Let her do her  work!

      We have being taught that we should not complain unless we can do better.

      I doubt any of those who complain abt TPL can do better than her!!     

      1. Kusi Avatar

        her behaviour is what raised the reaction aginst her, having this reaction raised shows that she is incompetent, as singaporeans it is our responsibility to raise this up so the ones WHO ARE MORE COMPETENT can do their parts and not be wasted.

        The people do not react for no reason.

      2. Champalak Avatar

        Man, you have low expectations. Nicole Seah comes to mind if you are that short of ideas… 

        1. Bad Singaporean Avatar
          Bad Singaporean

          Yes Nicole Seah can speak better so she has the “rights” to complaint and compare. But suprisingly Nicole Seah is very quite on TPL. However so many others like you are making  judgement. Haven’t you heard “let those who is without sin cast the first stone” ?

          1. Guest Avatar

            ahhh… silence is golden….

        2. Bad Singaporean Avatar
          Bad Singaporean

          Yes Nicole Seah can speak better so she has the “rights” to complaint and compare. But suprisingly Nicole Seah is very quite on TPL. However so many others like you are making  judgement. Haven’t you heard “let those who is without sin cast the first stone” ?

      3. Fair treatment for all Avatar
        Fair treatment for all

        Excuse me, are you related to TPL in some way to defend her so strongly?
        Yes, we can a person a chance. But does it mean that if TPL or anyone else for the matter be made to pay back for their failure to perform? We are talking out taxpayers’ money here. For failure to observe rule for cooling off day, perhaps TPL should start by proving to Singaporeans that she is an accountable person. She will not be given exemption just because she belongs to a certain party. Unless we missed reading something the lines.

  27. Kinko_lim Avatar

    Simple. Someone who will not/ dare not/ don’t bother to step out due to her mistakes (so-called administration not accepted cos its in ur freaking name. What, you think we’re blind?) do not have a right to be MP. Just shows a cowardly side and an irresponsible side which do not or doesn’t even care to step out and apologise. Instead, just pushed it to her “administrator”. MP without responsibility = govt and sg are going down in the dumps. So Govt, START LISTENING like you promised the people.

    1. Christina Avatar

      a leader is responsible/will answer for her kaki’s mistakes 

  28. Keri26 Avatar

    All I know is she breach the rules.. Rules are given down and she break the rules and deny the fact.. Is she honest? And can move on? I feel it’s tremendously unfair..
    Pls do something about this issue.. We want a voice that can help us but not a liar.

  29. Sonjablue Avatar

    I don’t want Tin Pei Ling in Parliament either. She does not represent the voices of her generation. Pity the PAP thinks so.

  30. Kusi Avatar

    The people does not react for no purpose, this reaction aginst Ms Tin have been partially raised by Ms Tin’s behaviour as an election candidate and her back ground, but most of this reaction is raised as the people sees that she is incompetent in handling the role of a member of Parliament. Her behaviour as an candidate for election worries the people as they might be putting their welfare into the hands of this young women. I believe Ms Tin is a developed individual, but she do not have what it takes to serve the people well.

  31. Tkh Avatar

    As Singaporean with no political voice/noise except which is displayed here on this blog and elsewhere, do we/I dare to expect/imagine that our garment will react to a baseless request such as ours to remove an elected politician ? Come on, job creation for FT more important eRp monitoring to increase national cofers more important lower cost flats more important no time to listen to you LAH.

  32. Bad Singaporean Avatar
    Bad Singaporean

    If TPL were to run on an oppostion ticket against any PAP members she will get 30% of the votes!
    So can you see how biased some of you Singaporean are? 

    1. Intrigued Singaporean Avatar
      Intrigued Singaporean

      no i cannot see, because your argument so obviously runs on an assumption that you’ve randomly picked out from the stale air around you.

      unless you have the ability to predict whatif situations, of course. 🙂 do you?

  33. Slizerr C Avatar
    Slizerr C

    It all started with the comment about her bigest regret of not bringing her parents to Universal Studios, if only she had not uttered that staement I wonder how people would have judged her. But by makeing that kind of statement it shows there is a lack of maturity in a person especially in the context of a potilical enviornment 

  34. Ysohmui Avatar

    Tin P L stepped down  

  35. Shopaholic Spade Avatar
    Shopaholic Spade

    I don’t wana resign, I don’t wanna resign
    stomp stomp stomp
    I have come this far
    I will be exceedingly good for you

  36. asporecitizen Avatar

    TPL’s post as a MP should be suspended pending police investigation. 

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