The self-pwning Straits Times and TODAY letters sections?

Update: I changed the title of the post because Tessa Wong of ST has a point

Update 2: Apparently, Mr Chua says it was the one letter he sent to both papers, and the ORIGINAL is the TODAY one (via @kitsune_shoujo).

Update 3 (sigh): So Mr Chua apologizes on the same thread for accusing ST Forum editor of “twisting” his letter. He really wrote two different letters.

Let the mudslinging begin, says newly minted Minister at Large for Twitter, mrbrown.

And thanks to the speed at which people can react to and consume things online, we’re no longer at the mercy of what our Minister for Information Communication and the Arts calls a “trusted” source of information.

Chua Shen Yong wrote letters to both Straits Times and TODAY, and I’ll leave it to you to decide what happened:

ST Forum: Towards a native democracy
TODAY Voices: A young first-time voter’s view of the General Election

Is the writer schizo? If not, who edited what and what were their motives?

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10 responses to “The self-pwning Straits Times and TODAY letters sections?”

  1. 3rdpersonaccount Avatar

    Actually calling that section ST Forum makes perfect sense, since it’s essentially ST staff talking to themselves in the 3rd person..

  2. Michael Graetz Avatar

    Your ‘Today Voices’ link is same as ST. I know they are clones, but still…

    1. Mr Miyagi Avatar

      Thanks! Fixed it!

  3. James Dean Avatar
    James Dean

    taking into consideration update 2, do we now have ‘the self pwning tessa wong’ as well?

    1. Mr Miyagi Avatar

      On the contrary she’s just saved me from pwning myself

  4. Mr Miyagi Avatar

    Update 3 (sigh): So Mr Chua apologizes on the same thread for accusing ST Forum editor of “twisting” his letter. He really wrote two different letters.

  5. guest Avatar

    Actually if Mr. Chua did indeed right two different letters, shouldn’t you take down this article (or at least change this very misleading title? Was forwarded this many times on facebook as yet another damning evidence of ST’s manipulation of forum letters, only to find out it’s actually not…

    1. Mr Miyagi Avatar

      Actually better to leave it up for the very reason you suggest. My updates explain it in the context that the title and original posts provide.

  6. reminisce Avatar

    Hmm. it’s pretty obvious what happened behind the scenes. Invasion of the Body Snatchers.. RUN!
    Perhaps if ST changes a letter past a certain threshold word-count they should sign off in the forum as “ST Editorial Team” and credit the original author (Initial thoughts by…)

  7. Idshaman Avatar

    PAP has used the local media- newspapers,,radio etc. etc. as their propergander machines for decades. This must stop if we are to have real Democracy.
    I personally hve sent letters to the STRAITS TIMES- with dissapointing results. The whole content of my letter was twisted so that the gist of my message was totally oppossed to my original message.This experieance proved to me that Straits Times is indeed PAPs propergander machine.
    Never trust the local media- must learn to read between the lines and get other independent media reports before coming to an educated conclusion.

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