Tan Chuan-Jin doin’ it right online

It’s been very heartening to see Tan Chuan-Jin (eh, our schoolmate ok, don’t play play – me and mrbrown just ate wrong types of food during recess) trying his darndest to talk, and more importantly, listen to people, even though I knew he would eventually cave in to the onslaught of contributions.

He’s got a blog too, and has also disabled comments for the time being.

Still, much, much better than engaging young and stupid volunteers who think they’re ingterneck experts. Fake Facebook accounts? WTF were you guys thinking?

If you wish to vote and you’re in Tanjong Pagar…


From Selena : on the phone, mr ng and mr nazem informed me that it was due to a last minute change in a nominator. whatever the case, mr ng has reiterated to me that he will return everything that was transferred to Ms noraine and himself yesterday. please help to pass the message on. thanks

From Pam Oei’s FB page:

As you have read in today’s ST, the independent opposition team that was to run for Tanjong Pagar GRC had to pull out for lack of funds. If you’d like to donate, please give what you can by transferring funds to POSB SAVINGS ACCT 104280293 NOW

Apparently you can do so by tonight, and you can call 81721071 to verify.

Please note that only Singaporeans can donate.

Yahoo! Blog Post: What an MP’s visit to our condo was like

I received a letter on Friday, 15 April 2011, from our condominium management. I thought it was probably about them fogging the place again and reminding us to close our windows.
The last time they fogged without telling us, some of us chucked a fit and said they should always tell us when something’s going down.
It wasn’t about fogging that the letter was trying to tell the residents of our small condo, but the impending visit of one of our Members of Parliament (MPs), the Minister for Information, Communications and the Arts, Rear Admiral Lui Tuck Yew…

Read more at Yahoo! Singapore

NSP finds Tin Pei Ling’s match

NSP stands for Nicole Seah's Party!
The photographer said, put hand in pocket and stand obliquely... I stamped my feet many times before he explained what obliquely meant

Are they both a distraction from “real issues”? Who cares? Take them both out of the GRC and let them fight each other in the S-Factor!