Tan Chuan-Jin doin’ it right online

It’s been very heartening to see Tan Chuan-Jin (eh, our schoolmate ok, don’t play play – me and mrbrown just ate wrong types of food during recess) trying his darndest to talk, and more importantly, listen to people, even though I knew he would eventually cave in to the onslaught of contributions.

He’s got a blog too, and has also disabled comments for the time being.

Still, much, much better than engaging young and stupid volunteers who think they’re ingterneck experts. Fake Facebook accounts? WTF were you guys thinking?

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2 responses to “Tan Chuan-Jin doin’ it right online”

  1. GC Avatar

    Tan Chuan Jin has come across as part of the new generation of “sensitive leader”, prefering to work the ground than adhere purely to partylines. I hope that his ideals will not be compromised as he pursues this path with the establishment.

    My biggest concern though is how PAP is posturing that with an increased in Opposition presence in Parliament that there will be chaos and disunity. Minister Raymond Lim and Lim Swee Say has painted a bleak picture of “Rojak” policies and pursuing partisan interests at the expense of the people’s interest. Personally, I fail to understand why should the Opposition not be compelled to as noble a cause of serving the people as PAP? The noble cause of serving the people of Singapore should unify all parties and MUST BE the guiding principle for each elected Member of Parliament. In fact, the Opposition’s many years of ensuring there is a challenge against the establishment serves as a constant reminder that they do stick ot their ideals, especially when it is wrought with hardship and the risk of personal persecution.

    Based on the events of the campaigning, a balance of power in Parliament is sorely needed.

  2. jason Avatar

    trust me. any person who turn an blind of jerrymandering, GRC system should not be trusted. this is consider one of the evil system that ever can come out in a democratic system. my boss was puzzle why so many singaporeans dont like the PAP. i spent half an hour telling him about the PAP style of politics and he stare at me blankly for 10 seconds. he was stunned!! he din know, PAP resort to such tactic to win election. shame shame!!

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