I have a friend who’s a knight. You got or not?

We attended Hossan’s “knighting” ceremony Friday night at the French ambassador’s residence. There was no pomp and very little ceremony, which suited us fine, although the newly minted Chevalier de l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres cut a dash in his Ted Baker suit bought off the rack for the occasion.

And when the French ambassador rattled off his achievements before the presentation, the flush of pride on everyone’s faces (Hossan’s family members included) turned to tortured stifled giggles when he got to “Asian Boys Vol.1, Mardi Gras and Top or Bottom.” Dunno lah. So childish, all of us. But good lah, that someone who’s bringing so much joy to our lives – and according to ST readers polled, is joint fifth top national icon – is being recognised in this manner.

Vive la vie! Baguette! Croissant!

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One response to “I have a friend who’s a knight. You got or not?”

  1. Tabitha Avatar

    Even I can’t boast Asian boys as an achievement. Congratulations Sir Hossan Leong. Wait, do we still call them “sir” or is there another designation?

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