What is Mr Bean’s job?

I’ve just finished making minor script adjustments before the show’s final full dress rehearsal, and Karen Tan’s just asked me this question – what is Mr Bean’s job?

She thinks maybe accountant or auditor. I’m thinking civil servant. Any other answers?

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13 thoughts on “What is Mr Bean’s job?”

  1. He jobhops. In his feature film he was working as a guard in the museum, and in the premise of the film they couldn’t sack him because he was a long-standing staff member or had a family connection or seomthing. In the series, he also held a menial position in a hotel or serviced residence (remember the day he had to meet the Queen?).

    For flexible plot writing, he was never given a permanent position anywhere, but whatever it was he was tasked to do, it would always be either entry-level clerical work or odd job positions.

  2. He’s a student. I don’t know about the movies or that gay cartoon series, but in the original we can see him attending lectures and going for tests and stuff.

  3. In Mr Bean Ultimate Disaster Movie he works at a museum. He is a student because he goes to lectures and tests and he can’t be living on social welfare because how could he afford his gun in “Good Night Mr Bean” or his trips to hotels or for the things he ruins every 5 minutes.

  4. It’s a bit late, but no-one else got the exact answer so.. In the tv series he is shown working at an Odeon cinema (a popular cinema chain in the UK) you can see the name of the place at the beginning of the episode where he meets the Queen.
    The cinema lists greeters, custodial, coffee stand staff, and sales as its entry positions, so he’s likely one of those.

  5. He is pretty good at math as he seen trying to jot down answers in the trigonometry examination seen in the episode 1. So i am guessing he got some other job related to math later on when he passes it. otherwise theres no way he can afford many of the things he does.

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