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  • What? There’ve Been 10 JB Arts Festivals Already?

    Unbeknownst to many, and especially unbeknownst to me, there is a JB Arts Fest, and they’ve had it for ten years. This is a bit surprising given all the horror stories we read in our papers about JB and crime – where it’s always “Singaporean Shot While Shopping”, or something like that. Although after speaking…

  • Kumar’s Amazing Race

    The past couple of years, I’ve said it’s a privilege working with the funniest drag queen on the planet. Nothing’s changed in that respect. In fact, it’s been even more fun exploring all things Indian. From Little India to real India. We’re still trying to get to the bottom of the whole Thaipusam-cannot-play-drums-or-music debacle, and…

  • What is Mr Bean’s job?

    I’ve just finished making minor script adjustments before the show’s final full dress rehearsal, and Karen Tan’s just asked me this question – what is Mr Bean’s job? She thinks maybe accountant or auditor. I’m thinking civil servant. Any other answers?

  • Not good to be in the news the same day as Sumiko Tan’s Hurricane

    Oh well. Not that it’s that big a deal being completely overshadowed by “Singapore’s Carrie Bradshaw“, and the floods.

  • The Hossan Leong Show

    We worked through a sleepy Monday afternoon trying to find a rhyming word for Lau Sai, to be put into one of six original songs written (or in the process of being written) for the show. As the flyer says, The Hossan Leong Show is a tv show that’s not on tv, because there are…