Month: September 2010

  • Sorry mosquito not in

    Couple of days ago, an NEA agent rang our doorbell and would’ve asked to enter our apartment if not for the fact I had the dog on the leash and was about to go let him water the plants when I opened the door. I had read about how some family was robbed by bogus…

  • What is Mr Bean’s job?

    I’ve just finished making minor script adjustments before the show’s final full dress rehearsal, and Karen Tan’s just asked me this question – what is Mr Bean’s job? She thinks maybe accountant or auditor. I’m thinking civil servant. Any other answers?

  • Hysterical Comedy

    The first reaction to any MDA action is usually anger – then after letting it sink in for a little bit, we thought it really funny. The production company thinks it’s a new category of advisory, this “satirical comedy” rating. And we’re scouring through the script to see what the hells I’ve written that has…

  • Cannotnese

    We’ve been friends for over 25 years, and I’ve only just found out that Hossan’s mother is not Cantonese because he suddenly corrected himself (and me) while rehearsing for the show. But we’re keeping the joke anyway. Sorry Auntie Mary.

  • Kick-ass show coming up

    We open on Sep 23, which is smack just before the F1 weekend. We couldn’t get a mini F1 kart on the show, so we’re making do with a mini racing motorcycle for Hossan to ride on stage. And no, we’re not attempting to outdo Mediacorp’s President’s Scar Charity. It’s just over a week to…