Kick-ass show coming up

We open on Sep 23, which is smack just before the F1 weekend. We couldn’t get a mini F1 kart on the show, so we’re making do with a mini racing motorcycle for Hossan to ride on stage. And no, we’re not attempting to outdo Mediacorp’s President’s Scar Charity.

It’s just over a week to opening night and we’re getting really excited now – the theatre veterans (of which I’m not a part) in the production have been eating like mad during rehearsals, because it wouldn’t be a Dream Academy production if there weren’t a variety of junk food on the meeting table outside the rehearsal studio.

This is Judee Tan’s first Dream production, and she says that while there is also food at other theatre companies’ rehearsals, there really is nothing like Dream’s constant flow of food – today alone we had brownies, mooncakes, donuts and curry puffs.

We might get some fried chicken from Popeye’s tomorrow cos we’re trying to get director George Chan fat.

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  1. Teabie Avatar

    Wow, President’s Scar Charity! Did they change the name? Lots of things have happened whilst I’m away from Singapore, haha. I would love to attend Hossan’s show, I am a big fan of his. But since I’m living in Melbourne now, will you guys have a DVD of the show (with special clips/behind the scenes)? Ever? Possible?

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