Hysterical Comedy

The first reaction to any MDA action is usually anger – then after letting it sink in for a little bit, we thought it really funny.

The production company thinks it’s a new category of advisory, this “satirical comedy” rating. And we’re scouring through the script to see what the hells I’ve written that has made the people at the MDA give us this groundbreaking honor.

It’s not the sex, we took that out. There is no violence except for one scene, and that’s pretty mild. I took out the bit about the PM’s pink wardrobe, so that can’t be it, unless they were reading an older version of the script.

What this actually means is that people under 16 have to be accompanied by older people, and the news that this is “satirical comedy” has to be publicized on ticketing outlets as well as at the theatre doors.

Still, I’m quite thrilled we’ve gotten this advisory, even though I’ve written R18 shows (Kumar) before.

Officially endorsed by Garmen!

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3 responses to “Hysterical Comedy”

  1. Anthea Avatar

    Satire is “the use of irony, sarcasm, ridicule, or the like, in exposing, denouncing, or deriding vice, folly, etc. ” So, pat yourself on the back for getting the rating! Either your show is a satire, in which case the directive seems correct (according to Stephen Colbert, children are not capable of understanding irony or sarcasm), or MDA does not know what satire means. Or were you out to get a PG rating in the first place?

    Pity that you had to take the bit about the PM’s shirt, and other stuff, out, esp. with the satire rating now given for your show. Maybe you should have two shows – a squeaky clean with no chance to offend, and one for the mature audience who understands satire (and have mock riot police around in case people start to disagree with each other and get into fights).

  2. […] why is the show not safe for audiences below 16? Too satirical for these young kids to handle? But Miyaki said he has already taken out the bit about PM’s pink wardrobe, so that our kids won’t go home haunted with the image of our PM dressed in pink in front of […]

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