Quick someone give them a bone

Because lately the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been sounding a like it needs a pat on the head and assurance that all is well:

SINGAPORE: Singapore’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) has said it is puzzled by comments made to the media by the former Romanian ChargĂ© d’Affaires linked to a hit-and-run case here…

… SINGAPORE: Singapore’s Foreign Ministry has expressed disappointment that Myanmar’s Supreme Court had rejected an appeal by Aung San Suu Kyi against her extended house arrest.

Win a pair of tickets to Kumar: Stripped Bare & Standing Up (Re-run)

Update: The contest is now closed

It was some time in the 90s, when I came back to Singapore for uni holidays and my friends told me there was an act I had to catch at this place in Bugis.

It was rude, raunchy and it was like nothing I’d ever seen before. I loved it, and watched that act several times before the holidays were over.

Almost 15 years later, it’s still as easy to be enthralled by Kumar’s performances, but this time the magic’s even better because I get to see him interpret and transform what I’ve put down on paper onto the stage. It really is a privilege being the writer for the show, and I am really glad some people (and the press) enjoyed watching it last year.

The only problem was that there were only 4 shows last year, and tickets were sold out even before the show opened. So the producers have decided to run it again (4-7 March 2010) for the benefit of Kumar’s fans who weren’t able to watch last March.

As I write, tickets are again selling very fast, and if you don’t get yours fast, you may not get them at all. Except perhaps if you leave a comment here saying why you think you should win a pair of Cat 1 ($78) tickets to Kumar: Stripped Bare & Standing Up. I’ll get Kumar to pick the best answer.

Singapore’s last resort island

RWS Casino

So Resorts World Sentosa opened its many doors to 75,000 people over the CNY holidays, and judging from the things I’ve heard, it hasn’t been pretty.

They’ve been charging Singaporeans and PRs $100 a day to get in, so that they’ll only get the right kind of people at the 500 tables.

And I heard from a friend whose house we visited this afternoon, that these right kinds of people have been lying, sleeping on the cheap ugly tiles on the floor outside the gambling halls, waiting to be let in.

Oh well. At least the air-conditioning works.

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