Singapore’s last resort island

RWS Casino

So Resorts World Sentosa opened its many doors to 75,000 people over the CNY holidays, and judging from the things I’ve heard, it hasn’t been pretty.

They’ve been charging Singaporeans and PRs $100 a day to get in, so that they’ll only get the right kind of people at the 500 tables.

And I heard from a friend whose house we visited this afternoon, that these right kinds of people have been lying, sleeping on the cheap ugly tiles on the floor outside the gambling halls, waiting to be let in.

Oh well. At least the air-conditioning works.

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4 responses to “Singapore’s last resort island”

  1. pink magnolia Avatar

    tsk tsk, how classy. cannot imagine the chaos if the entry fee were to be lowered.

  2. glad to leave Avatar
    glad to leave

    sorry sir..have not been there and will not likely to set foot there anytime cannot comment…but from what I heard, it is one of a kind ugly!

  3. complainking Avatar

    Started a facebook group compiling all the ugly events post RWS opening.!/group.php?gi

  4. Emmi Bances Avatar

    Resort island….It sound different from others….It might an builtin Island…..Lets c….Cheers!!

    African Safari

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