Overheard at SMU

Someone alerted me to a Facebook page called “Overheard at SMU“, and apparently, there are similar pages for NUS and NTU. Among the entries posted on that page are gems such as this:

If this is true, Student 1 should be tried for sedition.

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8 responses to “Overheard at SMU”

  1. Allan Avatar

    She should be tried for stupidity and ignorance! The bury their faces in facebook all day long and surround themselves with the vocabulary of brand attributes and the pages of lifestyle magazines. So much for getting an education eh.

  2. jed Avatar

    u shld checkout “overheard at sim” ..

  3. DK Avatar

    How did that person get into SMU?

    1. Scott Avatar

      its SMU……..

  4. Stephanie Avatar

    dunno whether i should be ignorant totally like student 2, or be mistakenly informed like student 1. decisions, decisions.

  5. milahan Avatar

    at least they attempted to say something about current affairs. Most of the time, I can't decipher what our young people talk about. Seriously, are we a stupid people? Actually you can't blame these people for being stupid. Look at our newspapers, print stupid boliao news. How can people be any better? Wahlau, so paiseh to be Singaporean sometimes.

  6. […] This is, how­ever, a chance for a sen­si­ble talk­ing point, and I have always been an advo­cate for more dis­cus­sion about our country’s racial/religious diver­sity, with the view that the more we talk, the more we’ll under­stand. This is sadly and dan­ger­ously lack­ing — as is attested by an exchange between stu­dents at SMU ear­lier this year. […]

  7.  Avatar

    if this is true, student 1 should be shot, and not tried for sedition. that is stupidity magnified. rather, ignorance.

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