Win a pair of tickets to Kumar: Stripped Bare & Standing Up (Re-run)

Update: The contest is now closed

It was some time in the 90s, when I came back to Singapore for uni holidays and my friends told me there was an act I had to catch at this place in Bugis.

It was rude, raunchy and it was like nothing I’d ever seen before. I loved it, and watched that act several times before the holidays were over.

Almost 15 years later, it’s still as easy to be enthralled by Kumar’s performances, but this time the magic’s even better because I get to see him interpret and transform what I’ve put down on paper onto the stage. It really is a privilege being the writer for the show, and I am really glad some people (and the press) enjoyed watching it last year.

The only problem was that there were only 4 shows last year, and tickets were sold out even before the show opened. So the producers have decided to run it again (4-7 March 2010) for the benefit of Kumar’s fans who weren’t able to watch last March.

As I write, tickets are again selling very fast, and if you don’t get yours fast, you may not get them at all. Except perhaps if you leave a comment here saying why you think you should win a pair of Cat 1 ($78) tickets to Kumar: Stripped Bare & Standing Up. I’ll get Kumar to pick the best answer.

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49 thoughts on “Win a pair of tickets to Kumar: Stripped Bare & Standing Up (Re-run)”

  1. I should win these tickets cos I love Kumar so much, my term of endearment for my girlfriend is marku (I swear it's true).

  2. Because 15 yrs ago I was 3.(self-explanatory) And 15 yrs later, I'm finally 18 ( so old enough to watch la!). So why not give me my virgin show eh? No witty dirty lines, or die hard fan attitude. Just a whole lot of curiosity and a twisted provocative politician wannabe in the making.

  3. Because the govt (whom I don't find funny at all) didn't give me a budget to work with, therefore I can't afford the tickets to only the funniest show in town.

  4. My hubby and sis-in-law don't believe in paying so much for local musicals/plays and always chastise me for doing so. I wanna win this pair of tickets, bring them there and show them it's worth every single cent! help me convert them! support local acts!

  5. 1.I've always wanted to watch a Kumar show,
    2.but have never been able to, and
    3.because I think Kumar's TOTALLY AWESOME –
    4.because I don't want to die having only seen Kumar on Rusiyo Rusi reruns over and over again.
    5. yes, that's HOW much i enjoy watching him. 😀

  6. Because Kumar was delightful at 3Monkeys the last time I went there. Would really like to see Kumar stripped bare and hear her opinions. Xoxo.

  7. Because I'm broke and winning this would make an awesome date option. Stripped and Bare, what else satisfy the fulfilment of a great date?

  8. I heard about Kumar's great talent a long time ago. Witnessed it on television. Totally loved it.
    If I win this pair of ticket, I'll be Kumar's spokeperson for the rest of my life, in Singapore and my home country, so that his witted sense of humor would brighten up everybody's days and add flavours to their lives. Plus the show would really be a highlight of my stay in Singapore. Something to remember Singapore by.

  9. I've heard a lot about how funny Kumar and his shows are brilliant but never did get the chance to catch it for real cause tickets get sold out so fast, its unfair ! *pouts*

    thus, i think to fulfill that constant curiousity… i should win the tickets ? teehee…

  10. A line from an interview with Kumar I read ages ago has always been stuck with me and I paraphrase: “I fall flat on the floor and pretend to look for something I've dropped.”

    Since then, I've really wanted to see Kumar live, or talk to Kumar or just get to know more about Kumar because of that line and because she is one of those defining persons in Singapore arts and culture on top of making you feel like she is one of your closest and understanding friends.

    Why should I win the tickets? Last year when Kumar was performing at Holland V, calling on the third day to secure seats was too late because they were completely booked and sold out. I was going to buy tickets to this show but yesterday, something real shitty happened. If I could get the tickets free, it would make my day, truly it would. It would be like falling and unexpectedly finding something lovely on the floor. Bad analogy but I'm here typing and trying.

    Dear Kumar, I would love love love to see you live.

  11. I think I should win a pair of Cat 1 tickets to Kumar: Stripped Bare & Standing Up because I really want to know the person behind the gorgeous make up and glittering dresses, the person stripped bare and, erm, standing up.

  12. 😮 it's a really funny show about food and he's done one season in india, one in msia and he's always saying all these funny things about the food/person cooking/the places around him. i <3 it. i think he's very much himself in it, not “performing” per se. 🙂

  13. Because Kumar is an icon (and im sure she knows that for herself)
    Because I genuinely wanted to buy the saturday evening tickets but they were totally sold out by the time i got to sistic 🙁
    Because my poor boyfriend is in the army serving ns and I bet he'd be thrilled to spend his precious bookout time seeing Kumar the queen do what she does best and give us some army jokes
    Because I'm in a rut and I want some of Kumar's glitter to rub off me.
    Because I've never bothered to participate in giveaway contests. Until today. (so that speaks volumes for how much i want the tickets doesnt it? )

    P.s. in the event that i dont win the tickets (choi!) Would the winner be kind enough to sell a pair to me? (yes i really really wanna watch kumar perform this act because i dont know if there will be anymore reruns 🙁 )

  14. Because…

    My salary has not been increasing even though official stats from the Government seemed to state otherwise… At last count, I am actually worse off after considering inflation…

    My job will soon be taken over by new immigrants, temporary immigrants (on the way to the US etc.) or whatever you call them…

    My roof over my head will be gone soon as I don't seem to be able to afford anything anymore… even public housing (which is not so public anymore)…

    My stomach will go hungry because there seemed to be fewer authentic Singaporean food anymore…

    So, before my entertainment becomes foreign too, pls let me enjoy a session with a truly local act!

  15. Hi there! I'd like to win a pair of tickets to watch Kumar in action coz my mom's a huge fan of his. Ever since dad passed away in 2008, she has been working so hard to keep the family going & sure deserves the good break to just let it all hang loose & have a good time laughing her head off!
    Won't solve the problems but at least it releases stress! Thanks! 🙂

  16. It has been some time since we last saw kumar acting on stage for us. With this performance, we will get to see a different side of kumar that not only humor us but also to be “amazed” and “inspired”.

  17. Kumar is the one of the best sexy comedian i should deserve to win the tickets to watch his show, cannot miss it 😀

  18. Those were the days where I seen my classmate, Kumar performing his dance moves on our school stage during various occasions. He was the hot performer and never fail to disappoint us with his moves and jokes.

  19. Cos i never have the chance to watch Kumar's show live! And when i'm about to buy, now only left single seats on saturday night. That is so sad 🙁

  20. Imma very stressed Singaporean student who needs a life especially in a place like Singapore(& I NEED TO HEAR SOMEONE CRITICIZING ABOUT THE GOVERNMENT RATHER THAN PRAISING IT).

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