We have a weener!

OK, the winner of the Kumar Stripped Bare Ticket Contest is onewheel, who correctly guessed that Kumar was a Signaler (Sorry, chainsawieldinun, onewheel was closer).

To be slightly more accurate, he was a combat signaler in an infantry unit.

Congratulations, onewheel! Enjoy the show!

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6 responses to “We have a weener!”

  1. Benjamin Lee Avatar

    From miyagi.sg: We have a weener! http://tinyurl.com/aql3mo

  2. Pat Law Avatar

    For a moment, I thought Naomi just gave birth to a baby boy. Good grief, what's wrong with me eyes.

  3. : Taken from http://tinyurl.com/dl657m – Kumar (yes, that one) was a Combat Signaler in the infantry unit.

  4. […] days ago in We have a weener! on miyagi.sg | My Very Own Glob {Curiosa Felicitas} For a moment, I thought Naomi just gave birth […]

  5. chainsawieldinun Avatar

    Aiyah. Guess I'll have to go buy meself a ticket then. 🙂

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