Let’s Rock Elmo

Hasbro’s Let’s Rock Elmo rocked the Toy Fair in New York earlier this year.

I’ll leave it to the video presentation made at the Fair, and leave it to you to decide who is potentially more irritating, Elmo or the presenter:

Hasbro very kindly gave Kai a basic set (without the extra instruments) last week which we put to use immediately. Kai’s verdict? He loves Elmo. He danced and sang and ran around the room while Elmo rocked. Naomi and I are usually averse to toys which are full of sound and lights, but Let’s Rock Elmo seemed to interact with Kai in a healthy way.

What we didn’t expect was the exchange between Elmo and Kai after they’d acquainted themselves with each other:

Elmo: Please give Elmo the drums.

Kai: No! No no no no, no! Kai play drums!

I suppose it wouldn’t really be rock ‘n’ roll without artistic disagreement.

Let’s Rock Elmo is designed for kids aged 18 months and up, and retails for S$129.90. Add-ons include Let’s Rock Cookie Monster Keyboard (S$36.90), Let’s Rock Elmo Guitar (S$36.90) and Let’s Rock Grover Microphone (S$26.90).

If you’re beginning to think of Christmas presents for the kids, this is definitely an option.

If you’re hoping for a chance to score a basic set of Let’s Rock Elmo, here’s the place for it: Hasbro has given me one set to give to a lucky winner. Here is how you stand a chance: Send in a pic or video of your kid (18 months to 3 years) playing a musical instrument or singing or both. You can either post the photo here or link to a separate page. Contest will close 20 October 2011.

Hurry, grab your kid and Let’s Rock! (And tell your friends!)

Hossan Leong Show 3 Contest – Guess the Cast Member – Part 1

Every day for the next 5 days we’ll reveal a new sound byte from a character in the Hossan Leong Show 3. All you have to do is guess all five actors, and you’ll stand a chance to win a pair of tickets to the Hossan Leong Show (Ep 3).

Leave your answers in the comment here, or on Dream Academy’s Facebook Page.

Listen here: Hossan Leong Show Cast Member 1

Swing Out, Sister

From Wikipedia:

The name came from a 1945 movie starring Arthur Treacher, called Swing Out, Sister, and they claim they chose the name because it was the only thing the band could agree on, in that they all hated it.

After trying a while to come up with some sort of contest question/quiz, I’m resigned to the fact that there is nothing you cannot find out on the internet. So there will be no quiz/contest question for you to answer if you want a PAIR OF TICKETS TO SWING OUT SISTER’S ‘THE BREAKOUT CONCERT’.

All’s you have to do is leave your name, email and a comment below, and who I find has the bestest, most scintillating or downright dumbest comment will win the pair of tickets. You just have to start the comment with “I want to watch SWING OUT SISTER in SINGAPORE”…

(If you want to double your chances of winning a pair of tickets – or even possibly win two pairs, head on down to Pat Law’s for her version of this giveaway).

Swing Out Sister

Kumar Tix going fast – get yours here for free


The people at Dream Academy tell me that tickets for Kumar’s show are selling out, and that there are only single seats left for some categories.

So I’ll remind you all that there are two tickets here for seats next to each other, for the first person to correctly guess Kumar’s vocation in NS.

(Hints: 1. Vocation, not unit or formation or arm. 2. He was in the Army. 3. He was PES A/B).