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Because we are moving to a smaller apartment, we have a few items of furniture and a television that we need to sell. Please let me know if you’re interested in buying the following. Prices do not include delivery, which will be at buyers’ own arrangement. Just leave a comment with your email address (which will not be shown in the comments) and I’ll get back to you.

Unique 6-seater Dining Set:


Colour: Black

Material: Wood

Set includes 2 armchairs, 2 chairs and 1 bench plus cushions from IKEA

Age: 2 years

Price: $500 (Original Price: $1,075)

IKEA Expedit Bookcase:


Colour: Black Brown

Dimensions: 150cm x 150cm

Quantity: 1

Age: 1 year +

Price: $100 (Original Price: $199) SOLD!

IKEA Billy Bookcase:

billy 80.jpg

Colour: Medium Brown

Dimensions: 60cm x 106cm

Quantity: 2

Price: $45 ea (Original Price: $89)

Age: 2 years

IKEA Billy Bookcase:

Colour: Medium Brown

Dimensions: 80cm x 106cm

Quantity: 1

Age: 2 years

Price: $45 (Original Price $89)


Philips 29″ Colour TV (CRT):

Philips TV.jpg

Quantity: 1

Age: 3 years

Price: $120 (Original Price ~$400)

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11 responses to “Blog garage sale”

  1. rinaz Avatar

    Hi Mr Miyagi,

    I'm interested in the IKEA Expedit Bookcase. May I know how the condition of the bookcase is and where the pick up point is? I live in Jurong, hopefully the distance wont be too far away 🙂

  2. Mr Miyagi Avatar

    It's in very good condition, and around a year old. You can pick it up from our place at Holland Road. Email me at and we can arrange a time.

  3. sana Avatar

    hey mr miyagi

    im interested in the telly! still have it?

  4. Garage sale guru Avatar

    Last time I moved I had stuff left over from my garage sale, so I put the stuff in a free online garage sale at I've been having an online garage sale ever since.

    Good luck

  5. color_chart Avatar

    why dont you sell whatever you have left on ebay? you will get much more exposure and probably a better price too

  6. Mr Miyagi Avatar

    Yeah, I did, thanks and we sold some stuff off of it.

  7. Mr Miyagi Avatar

    Thanks for that. We'll keep that in mind next time we need to have a
    garage sale.

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  9. AJ Avatar

    am interested in the remaining bookcase. pls contact me at

  10. AJ Avatar

    am interested in the remaining bookcase. pls contact me at

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