The shopping’s virtual but the money’s real

Tyrepac Anniversary Sale

Many young parents would agree with us that the prices of baby products in Singapore are simply ridiculous. We’re paying through our noses for things like swaddling blankets – my mom visited my sister’s family in Toronto and came back with a whole stack, at C$2 per blanket. Guess how much they were selling the same blanket here? S$20! And they’re made in China!

So it’s not surprising we’ve taken to shopping online for a lot of Kai’s things. Diapers are cheaper online, as are toys and even clothing from shops in NZ and Australia end up cheaper with freight than retail in Singapore.

Naomi recently discovered blog shops to be a real treasure trove – and you don’t have to deal with sales people harassing you to buy something when you take your time and browse through all the pictures of Kate Spade bags to your heart’s content.

I’ve bought music and movies online, and when we bought the car we now drive – we spent days going through carmakers’ sites, customising interiors and colors before putting on an online request for a test drive – a query that was quickly answered and arranged by a sales consultant (although the disappointing thing was when we were told – “oh, those interior colors not available in Singapore models, only the European ones”).

But, like I’ve mentioned before, I’d buy things like tyres online because it saves me the hassle of driving to somewhere in Ubi or Sin Ming and haggling with inscrutable mechanic-type salespeople. And if you do need to get tyres for your car, now’s a good time because Tyrepac’s having their first anniversary sale.

I was going to say they’re slashing prices on all tyres, but “slashing” and “tyres” should not be in the same sentence.

You get the idea. Tyres are on sale. Go get them before they roll away.

Blog garage sale

Because we are moving to a smaller apartment, we have a few items of furniture and a television that we need to sell. Please let me know if you’re interested in buying the following. Prices do not include delivery, which will be at buyers’ own arrangement. Just leave a comment with your email address (which will not be shown in the comments) and I’ll get back to you.

Unique 6-seater Dining Set:


Colour: Black

Material: Wood

Set includes 2 armchairs, 2 chairs and 1 bench plus cushions from IKEA

Age: 2 years

Price: $500 (Original Price: $1,075)

IKEA Expedit Bookcase:


Colour: Black Brown

Dimensions: 150cm x 150cm

Quantity: 1

Age: 1 year +

Price: $100 (Original Price: $199) SOLD!

IKEA Billy Bookcase:

billy 80.jpg

Colour: Medium Brown

Dimensions: 60cm x 106cm

Quantity: 2

Price: $45 ea (Original Price: $89)

Age: 2 years

IKEA Billy Bookcase:

Colour: Medium Brown

Dimensions: 80cm x 106cm

Quantity: 1

Age: 2 years

Price: $45 (Original Price $89)


Philips 29″ Colour TV (CRT):

Philips TV.jpg

Quantity: 1

Age: 3 years

Price: $120 (Original Price ~$400)