Secret blog of a P65 MP: Part 4

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Dear Blog,

I know we will never hear the end of it until we appear to be engaging the public in cyberspace. Like I said, we are all very busy, and although it is only myself, Lam Pin Min and Baey Yam Keng who are actively blogging, the public should rest assured that our views are the same once we put them online.

That is why we were selected to be on this team, and you can rest also rest assured that the 100 shortlisted to be PAP candidates are also of the same mind. Our aim has always been for a stable leadership and succession.

I wholeheartedly disagree with what some people (including my young nephew) say about Singaporeans not aspiring to become leaders, and that not many people would want to state their ambition as “becoming PM”.

You become successful first, then we talk. That has always been a guideline to choosing leaders. If you can’t run your household or your company properly, what chance do you have of balancing the budget, and of leading the country? It is the same even in European countries like the United Kingdom.

And I know there are many children who list “being successful” as their ambitions, so how can you say that people don’t want to be leaders of the country?

That said, whether or not these selected 100 would make it as MPs is now also going to depend on how well they engage the public online. I have taken it upon myself to mentor them in this way, as I am proud to be an active blogger and online citizen.

Continuing the debate on succession of leaders, some critics have insisted that it is still an elitist and exclusionary system of selection, but let me put it to you. If your leaders are not elite, then what chance is there of making the country elite in a region of Third World countries?

And as for exclusionary, that is simply not true. If you are successful in your chosen field, we will definitely take a look at you. The criteria is success, and even if you are Ah Seng or Ah Kow, or Gopal or Mahmud or De Souza, and you run a provision shop so successfully that it becomes a major regional hub for logistics, rest assured we will give you a call.

I know, many readers are waiting to see what Kan Seng has to say about the Mas Selamat Escape tomorrow. I myself am holding my breath in anticipation, because I haven’t been told about this either. Only Cabinet knows so far, and they’re not telling. I can’t tell from their expressions either, so I’m not sure whether it’ll be good news or bad news.

What I am sure of is that there will be measures taken to ensure this does not happen again if we catch another JI suspect who is likely to escape.

We will blog about this, I promise.

-P65 Roxx!

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