Secret blog of a P65 MP: Part 6

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Dear Blog,

Yes, it is time to move on to other things, put things in perspective and focus on the big picture. There have been so much negative news lately that I imagine Singaporeans would be quite disheartened if they were to continue talking about them.

So kudos to my colleagues for taking the lead and posting their musings on other things that make us Singaporean.

There are so many unique things about Singapore that we tend to forget and overlook, and we should be proud of our culture and heritage, and remember what makes us attractive to foreigners. Do not forget that other countries are also developing fast, and taking in more than their fair share of talented foreigners. We must not lose out.

In order to do that, we must embrace the global economy and various global cultures, but within limits, of course. And foreigners who want to embrace our own economy and culture must also understand and accept these limits.

It is time to repair our reputation, and I hope every Singaporean will join me in doing so.

More later. I have to check on our security guard and make sure he is not sleeping. We backbenchers don’t have Gurkhas from the GC. Those guys never fall asleep on the job.

-P65 Roxx!

Secret blog of a P65 MP: Part 5

But the toilet stank so we opened the window

Dear Blog,

Lam Pin Min beat me to it again. I was just about to post this up, and I log on and find that he’s beaten all of us to the blog again. Well done, colleague.

Speaking of colleagues, we are all colleagues in this team, whether or not we are in Cabinet. And a lot of talk these past two days has been about accountability.
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Secret blog of a P65 MP: Part 4

Blogs languish in high-tech Singapore
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Dear Blog,

I know we will never hear the end of it until we appear to be engaging the public in cyberspace. Like I said, we are all very busy, and although it is only myself, Lam Pin Min and Baey Yam Keng who are actively blogging, the public should rest assured that our views are the same once we put them online.
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Secret blog of a P65 MP: Part 3

Dear Blog,

More good news for Singaporeans. It’s cash bonus time. What am I going to do with the extra $200 I am getting? I will donate it to charity of course.

But I must be honest. I did think about putting it to a new iPod nano for my wife, and she said, “what will the other MPs think? Besides I don’t work out to music, so it’s ok”.

The Budget’s $1.8 billion surplus turning into $3 billion worth of cash payouts for Singaporeans is really something. I mean, if you do the Math (which I’m not good at), you will see that mathematically, that is an impossibility. Kudos must be given to the people at MAS and MOF. They can crunch numbers so well you get $3 out of every $1.80.

We must give credit where credit is due. Even where debit is due in this case. Just like Jayakumar said yesterday in the papers. One slip up doesn’t mean we discount all the good work we have done.
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Secret blog of a P65 MP: Part 2

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Dear Blog,

As I was saying the other day, there really isn’t much for the dozen of us to blog about. I mean, a group blog requires a lot of coordination. You need a committee for this kind of thing. Personally, I would recommend our Ang Moh MP, Michael Palmer. He’s very eloquent, and he is Eurasian, and therefore very used to being in the media.

There’s a joke going around: “No, Michael Palmer is not the MP for Ang Mo Kio, he is just Ang Moh”.

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