Secret blog of a P65 MP: Part 2

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Dear Blog,

As I was saying the other day, there really isn’t much for the dozen of us to blog about. I mean, a group blog requires a lot of coordination. You need a committee for this kind of thing. Personally, I would recommend our Ang Moh MP, Michael Palmer. He’s very eloquent, and he is Eurasian, and therefore very used to being in the media.

There’s a joke going around: “No, Michael Palmer is not the MP for Ang Mo Kio, he is just Ang Moh”.

So, while there are one or two things happening each day that are of national concern, it is hard for us to talk about it publicly, even voice our thoughts, because we need to see what the party line is, and what the government stance is before we say anything.

You can imagine there would be a lot of explaining and backtracking to do if we said something contrary to the official line, and that’s really asking for more work.

Like I was saying the other day, some of us are so busy. Take Dr Vivian Balakrishnan. Poor fella is up to his eyeballs in work. Good thing he’s an eye specialist too. I heard from his office staff that he actually reads and answers emails from the public. Can’t fault him for being an idealist, lah. He really wants to help the people, so kenah MCYS lor.

So the Singapore Dollar is so strong now it is quite unbelievable. I would go to the U.S. for a holiday with my family if I had the time. That is my unofficial reaction ok? Don’t take it as government policy. This is a blog, by the way, not a press release.

Besides, I’m not sure what the rationale behind the dollar’s strength is. Tharman tried to explain, but my math not as good as his. Then again, maybe he didn’t explain properly.

You see? It is hard to reassure the public that all of us know exactly what we are doing with the country, when some of us, like myself, are really not too clear.

I have created a keyboard shortcut for my Microsoft Office and email applications: You press “Alt-Ctrl-M-G”, and you get the statement “The Government is monitoring the situation very closely”.

Saves a lot of time.

OK, I have to go and monitor the situation very closely now.

– P65 Roxx!

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2 responses to “Secret blog of a P65 MP: Part 2”

  1. mooiness Avatar

    Heheh, awesome read thus far. 🙂

  2. mooiness Avatar

    Heheh, awesome read thus far. 🙂

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