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Dear Blog,
It has been reported that the MP’s P65 blog isn’t doing as well as it was intended to be. What did you expect, when most of what’s published are snippets from parliamentary speeches and some of my fellow MPs’ thoughts on what some ministers have said. To tell you the truth, I’d be bored shitless as well.

But asking us to blog on a regular basis when our workload is so heavy already is really a tough assignment. We really don’t have a life as MPs, whether you’re a backbencher or not.

Speaking of the back benches, the air-conditioning vent at the back of the chamber is really too much. Where I sit has been nicknamed “ISD interview room” and “Inuka’s Chair” alternately. But the cold does keep me awake though.

Still, there are days I wish I had brought my PSP. I can’t wait to get my hands on Nokia’s new Ngage offerings though. Maybe get a few other backbenchers to hook up and play together while they’re “debating” the Budget.

That would really liven things up a bit for us. I mean, there are hardly any surprises in Chamber. We’re briefed so many times about things before they are actually tabled, we already know who is going to say what before we go and sit in Parliament for a few hours. Did I mention that it’s very cold where I sit?

Take the Mas Selamat incident. We knew what happened already. Well, vaguely. And all that was left was to go to the Chamber and listen to Kan Seng explain as little as possible. I think he was looking sheepish, but that could be construed as looking smug, as some internet forumers have already pointed out. I won’t tell you which forum, because I’m not supposed to be looking at that site.

Still, I didn’t have any questions for the DPM, and all I could think about was how much he looked like this Hollywood actor who always plays one kind of loser on screen. Look at that photo and tell me that doesn’t look like a fella who’s lost a dangerous fugitive under his watch.

I know I should have been thinking constructively, but honestly, I was kinda shocked as well, how the ISD could let Mas Selamat escape. I had always thought, once you’re in, you’re in.

Me and the other P65 MPs chatted about this on MSN, until one Old Timer suddenly appeared online from “lurking” mode and told us that we post-65ers are so complacent bla bla bla, take things for granted bla bla bla, think that everything is fool proof bla bla bla.

Oops. Would you look at the time? I have to rush down to my constituency to meet the people. It’s gonna be the same old shit again. Lift not working, rubbish choking up, Singapore Power not giving them grace period to pay up. It’s hard to be concerned when there really isn’t anything you can do for these poor people sometimes. It’s their own fault for not planning properly, yet, we have to help them when they get stuck in a rut.

Sighz. I suppose that’s what being an elected MP is about. Unlike those NCMPs, or NinCoMPoops, as I like to call them. Haha. NinCoMPoops. That’s funny.

More later.

– P65 Roxx.

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