• Purple Light

    I do not remember rape being part of the song called Purple Light. (I never even knew the song was called Purple Light – it was always “My rifle, my buddy and me”). Several of my peers think the words in question were added in the last 10 years or so. Shame on the commanders…

  • Congratulations new new AWARE exco

    Sorry we couldn’t join you at Suntec today. Can I just say, thank god that fundy christian values are not mainstream. Majulah Perumpuan Singapura!

  • What we should be AWARE of

    Given the amount of air time multi-culturalism and multi-racialism is given here, it is easy to forget that there are prejudices and plain cockeyed discrimination in this country. People of high standing in their professions can suddenly come out and spew the most ridiculously baseless rubbish, and the scary thing is, they have thousands of…

  • AWARE: For All Women

    AWARE: For All Women Make your vote count.

  • I wasn’t AWARE but I am now

    Sneaky little b*@F*$s, hor? Take advantage of a lax constitution to hijack an organisation that was previously quietly plugging away for women’s rights in Singapore. The scary thing is how the rest of us normal people haven’t until now realised the sheer number of rabid, fear mongering conservative religious zealots among our middle classes. They’ve…