What we should be AWARE of

Given the amount of air time multi-culturalism and multi-racialism is given here, it is easy to forget that there are prejudices and plain cockeyed discrimination in this country.

People of high standing in their professions can suddenly come out and spew the most ridiculously baseless rubbish, and the scary thing is, they have thousands of followers who will continue to overlook the truths of the matter.

I’d go so far as to say this group that purports to save our children from the horrible things they are taught in school are: English-speaking ethnic Chinese born again Christians of churches less than 30 years old.

I’d also say from their Secret Squirrel God Squad actions, that these people are completely nuts. But a schoolmate of mine puts it rather more sensibly:

[1] Support the new ex-co, and you are effectively saying that you condone its quasi-corporate act of infiltration, with related strategies of secrecy, disinformation, moral coercion, and fear-mongering. You are saying that you support its less-than-Christian covert moves more than traditionally Christian ones like dialogue, open engagement, honesty, and clarity.

[2] Support the new ex-co, and we will go down a slippery road with wide-ranging repercussions for all. Don’t believe for a moment that the manoeuvring will stop here. What this invites others to see is that infiltration is the most effective way for small groups of like-minded individuals to seize power quickly — and where will this end? What is to stop any religious or ideological group from doing the same to any social institution at every level? In the long run, who do you think loses?

[3] Support the new ex-co, and you potentially make light of the freedom that is God’s gift to every human being. Against your best intentions, you may send out instead the message that we Christians think that we know better than everyone else and that we are willing to outflank, overpower, and overwhelm if we do not get our way.

[4] Support the new ex-co, and, if they stay and behave as predicted, you will be directly responsible for undoing the trust that many Christians have taken years to build with their non-Christian friends. This is a trust built on mutual respect. You will have made the Gospel of Christ more difficult to hear for years to come because people will think that they know what it is about. You will have created a new generation of Christ-haters.

So, Christian soldiers, don’t go joining AWARE just to vote at Suntec tomorrow in support of the ‘Christian’ leadership.

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