Congratulations new new AWARE exco

Sorry we couldn’t join you at Suntec today. Can I just say, thank god that fundy christian values are not mainstream. Majulah Perumpuan Singapura!

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7 thoughts on “Congratulations new new AWARE exco”

  1. Its a good thing Josie Lau and her EXCO got voted off, shows that good sense will prevail ultimately.

  2. oh, yay! as an overseas singaporean, i was on tenderhooks awaiting the outcome of this saga, and feeling rather frustrated that there wasn't an option for overseas singaporean females to cast their vote.

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  4. As a christian, I understand that AWARE is a secular organisation and should be run “secular-ly” . I believe the whole issue blew out of proportion and the media didnt really help matters showing “favouritism” over one group. I am glad things are back normal.

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