A Healthy Rivalry Gets Serious

I have to admit I haven’t been faring too well with food choices lately.

I have a penchant for junk food at rehearsals and script meetings, and the recently completed Kumar show probably saw me put on a couple of kilos because of the curry puffs, fried chicken and other assorted fried foods.

A post-show party did me no favours either. (Sorry housekeeping!)

I’m good to go now – on a proper, healthy diet consisting of more vegetables than meat, with less oil, less carbohydrates and less volume.

As far as the rivalry between mrbrown and myself is concerned, I think I have some ways to go before I catch up. But plans are in the works: My wife is scheduling regular pilates classes, and I am spending more time on my feet in the office instead of being seated (it also prevents you from checking Facebook, so you get more done in a shorter time).

The bicycle will come out of the storeroom soon, as I work myself up to a decent level of fitness to be able to ride to work and back.

Everyone should think before they do anything, and whenever the chance arises, take the healthy choice: stairs against escalators/lifts, walk against a short bus ride.

Better yet, start off by doing the HLI at http://bit.ly/HLIsgBM, pick as many rivals as you can, and stand a chance to win prizes up to $3,000.

There’s a new leaderboard feature on the Index as well. Go check it out! The more people you refer to do the HLI, the more chances you have to win prizes.

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