Merry Christmas From A New Home

It feels really good to be in a new home, and one that is long term and free from the whims of landlords and ever-increasing rents.

Without actually giving away our address, we’re happy we’re in relative seclusion where night time temperatures are actually several degrees cooler than the rest of the island, and where WE HAVE MONKEYS!

Lone Ranger
Lone Ranger
From our kitchen window a couple of days ago, we saw a lone monkey – our security guard says he’s a lone ranger – climb into two terrace houses via open bathroom windows, roll around on sofas, carpets, and come out onto a balcony with a pack of cigarettes, sampling each one (chewing, not lighting up) before throwing them all over the place. The windows of all the houses were shut the next day. So were ours, because when I went to the bathroom the day before, that same monkey had startled me so much with his silhouette on the frosted bathroom window I had forgotten that I had needed to use the toilet.

There’s still some unpacking and figuring out storage to do, but from our new real home, Kai, Naomi and I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and peace, love and happiness for the new year.

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