My Friend Hossan Is A Freak

Last night Hossan’s family came to watch the show, and I had a chance to catch up with his aunties and uncles who’ve known us since we were kids.

An uncle reminded me how naughty or silly we were when we were in school, and how the silly ones – the boys who got kicked out of school or had to repeat a year or two were the ones who are happiest at what they are doing now. I told him I was very, very fortunate because those formative years laid the foundation of a viable career based on being silly.

Then Hossan’s mum told me something about how one afternoon after school, while helping out at the family’s florist shop, he had quite idly gathered a bunch of unwanted flowers and leaves which was destined for the rubbish bin and made an arrangement out of it. No biggie, except someone actually bought the arrangement.

Hossan just has a knack of picking things up and turning them into something people want, or want to watch. Just [spoiler alert] look at how he’s mastered pole-dancing in under a month!

I’m so chuffed to have such a freakishly talented friend, and it’s such a bonus to be working with him. I don’t know who else can sing, dance, tell jokes and play the piano for an hour and a half and keep everyone entertained as well as he can.

So if you haven’t already watched The Hossan Leong Show: Flying Solo, I urge you to get your tickets and witness this amazing performer. This is the last Hossan Leong Show for now, and I’m not sure if it’ll be reprised (or even if Hossan can muster the energy to do this one-man comedy sprint again).

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