For All Singaporean Taxi Drivers: A Special Warning

Chris Reed, who has “25 years of senior marketing experience on both the client and agency side in the UK and now in Asia Pacific” published a badly written rant about our country’s taxi drivers and tried to disguise it as an opinion piece on the website Singapore Business Review.

Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but there is no need to be such a douchebag – check out his condescending responses to comments – and wank over everyone.

In support of our taxi drivers against such douchebaggism, some friends have made this animated gif for you to pass on to taxi drivers you meet today (or have their contact details handy). Please pass it on.

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16 responses to “For All Singaporean Taxi Drivers: A Special Warning”

  1. Darryl Kang Avatar

    How the heck did he managed to find a taxi driver that doesn’t know where is
    Nicoll Highway?

    Let me guess…. his accent and wrong pronunciation.

  2. SC Avatar

    I don’t wanna read his blog and grow his lan jiao ang moh ego with another pageview.

    Wat’s with all these foreigners who come to SG. I have been meeting ang mohs who always think SG is a 3rd world country. We don’t know how to speak English (Just because u have an slang or accent doesn’t mean ur better). 1st they trash our tap water, said it poison and only drink bottled water (wah, so ah tas), then I met a rude fat ang moh in my Heartland NTUC checkout. He thinks he’s better than us and just frowned when I politely smiled at him when he was still dilly dallying at the checkout. Hello!! U think Asian chick wanna pick u up ah? In that case why live in HDB? Go back to your Orchoood road penthouse la.

    But other than these douchbags, there are still a few exceptional nice and polite ang mohs who respect SG and the locals. So if you can’t stand the people or the country, why don’t you go back and give up your job to another Singaporean?

  3. Agagooga Avatar

    What about cab drivers who don’t read Chinese characters!

  4. Chris Lim Avatar

    He’s really just doing this to get pageviews. We all know that, don’t we? Singapore cabbies are among the most polite I’ve met (except maybe Japanese, although I couldn’t afford more than 1 trip). Try Malaysian cabbies. I would suggest everyone stop sharing and commenting on this business review site — what’s cabbies got to do with business anyway?

  5. heng Avatar

    by law, taxi drivers cannot reject any hirer ^_^

    1. OT Avatar

      Which law & section

  6. Singaporean Avatar

    Guys like him arebthe reason why Singaporeans view Western expats as a bunch of douchebaggy turds.

    Also, not sure when he’s been in Hong Kong, i travel there every month and the cabs there dont take cards – they also prefer not to give your change back

  7. Kitty Avatar

    I actually reported him to MOM and MHA for sedition. 🙂
    But of course they don’t care one lah.

  8. John Andrew Avatar

    Chris Reed sometimes it is best to get your facts before you splurt out your cabbage on the Singaporean Taxi Drivers. In shot don’t you know that in Singapore if you don’t get your facts right you can be sued with your till your white butt becomes red with penetration from a PAP Regime style of Governance. So to put things in correct perspective, Taxi Drivers in Singapore are trained and and taught to ask this questions: a.Which way do you want me to go. Simply because there are many ways to go from point A to Point B. And if you dumb wittingly say, you are the Taxi Driver you should know the way, why then spew your craps here and on Business Reviews. White Thrash like yourself are good for critizing and condemning us Singaporean but look at your own backyard for heaven sake. Brits came here and screwed us big time by colonizing Singapore and what good you left us. Taxi Drivers are paid miserably when I compare taxi fares in Australia and the likes. Just a trip from Changi to Orchard for example you have to cough out about AUD$70/-. And you dare comment? There are Passengers who directs Taxi Drivers to places using short cuts and when they get lost or disorientated they blame it on the cab drivers. There are those Indians from India who takes a ride on our cab with their strong perfumed body odour just memerized the cab driver to point of choke that the Taxi Driver is choked to his braqins and cannot focus is that our fault? Try using a GPS and you will know what I mean even technology gets confused. There are those who mispronounced the streets names and expect us to be fluent in your slangs and accents too? So to cut the story short before you spew you white trash writings on the walls remember that Taxi Drivers do get penalised for all the high expectations of passengers especially so from foreign thrash like you. Streets in Singapore are changing like underwears and the least Taxi Drivers can do is bring you to the shortest and most commonly known places risking their lives on this once but safe roads. So do us all a favour Get the F%$#k out of our Country and preserve the ONLY Job that Singapore can feel proud to be uniquely for Singaporea. Thank you. Writer is a degree holder and spend 35 years with the Military before becoming a Taxi Driver a Profession I am Proud of and not having to bow to any of you clowns.

    1. indian Avatar

      if u don’t talk about indians, u can’t sleep, f—-k u

  9. Singaporean here YKWIM Avatar
    Singaporean here YKWIM

    In fact I would wager that if you took an Indian who had just got off a plane and never been to Singapore and gave him a cab he would do a better job than a Singaporean taxi driver in driving you to your destination…


    You mummy give birth you your brain in the buttt and You mouthh on you head. Look like you are seriously retardedd in your writing on this article.

  10. Singaporean here YKWIM Avatar
    Singaporean here YKWIM

    Next time get your driver to drive you around the world, You are the only E.T. In this world. Hope you find yourself an alien wife.

  11. Singaporean here YKWIM Avatar
    Singaporean here YKWIM

    He in London 25 years, this include the time he born in or after 1987, Asia-Pacific? Maybe only short term stay in this SEA SINGAPORE ISLAND. We just dun welcome retarded E.T. Not F.T okay.

  12. CloseSimLim Avatar

    The cab drivers are fine. Although I’m always having to pay premium the drivers in Singapore are polite. In fact I met one of my associates 6 years ago while he was driving me to the airport. It’s the guys at Sim Lim Square I’m still not satisfied. Scammed $500 out of me for some stupid iPhone registration crap. The shop is Evolution Gaming LLP but I believe my friends said they change name every now and then. And also the conman is a pimply guy who as I was being told he always changes the colour of his hair but he is always the pimply guy,

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