Vote Nadya for Most Responsible Celebrity

Our friend and collaborator Nadya Hutagalung has been nominated for Green Awards’ Most Responsible Celebrity – alongside luminaries as George Clooney and Vivienne Westwood.

She gets our vote on a personal note because she and her husband were instrumental in turning our lives towards green-consciousness. About 90% of all of Kai’s baby things were given by her so that we’d start this cycle of virtuousness with our new family. The 10% that we didn’t get from her had already been given to another couple starting a new family when we told them we were having Kai. We’ve since passed on Kai’s stuff that we don’t use any more, so friends/acquaintances/friends of friends don’t have to buy brand new things when hand me downs will do.

As the founder of, Nadya has been teaching us that every small action counts, so if your intentions are good and green, those little acts of influence will go some way when they are all aggregated.

So this Monday morning, do a few things: Vote for Nadya, and then when you go out and buy something that you can put in your own bag, tell the cashier, “no, I don’t need a carrier” (and it’s silly to put a little thing in a little plastic carrier which you put into your handbag anyway).

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