Month: June 2012

  • I Produce Content Every Time I Go To The Toilet

    Up until yesterday’s STOMPgate revelation, our Kai had a bright future as a STOMP Content Producer. A few weeks back, he had put on his helmet and taken his kick-scooter to the corridor in our apartment and carefully placed it on the floor before lying next to it and calling out for his Mama’s help…

  • Food Made With Love

    The lasting impression I got from Saturday’s Singapore Memory Project Food Trail was the passion of the local food vendors we visited. Stories of craftsmanship being passed down from generation to generation are becoming scarce in this increasingly mall and condo dominated city, and the video clips we shot of the food and their makers…

  • Vote Nadya for Most Responsible Celebrity

    Our friend and collaborator Nadya Hutagalung has been nominated for Green Awards’ Most Responsible Celebrity – alongside luminaries as George Clooney and Vivienne Westwood. She gets our vote on a personal note because she and her husband were instrumental in turning our lives towards green-consciousness. About 90% of all of Kai’s baby things were given…

  • SQ’s Economy Rice Isn’t The Worst

    Two weeks ago I said my Singapore Airline’s meal “was about as good as economy rice, only smaller”. Well, I had SAF cookhouse-standard “stir-fried” chicken and rice on our Cathay Pacific flight yesterday afternoon:

  • Not quite right

    You arrest and charge someone who vandalizes the road and traffic button thingies but it’s “still unclear” whether you’ll charge the man who very clearly SHOVED SOMEONE OUT OF A BUS! SRSLY, HOME TEAM?