When You Wake Up From The Singapore Dream

A month ago I was asked by this client if I wanted to be involved with a campaign for a retirement financial product. I was reluctant, until they told me of the story of Mr Leong, a former taxi driver and uni graduate.

Mr Leong’s former assumptions of life, health, family and retirement haven’t panned out. He’s widowed, in remission from a blood cancer that’s stopped him from driving a cab (his sole income), his son has flown the coop, and he’s relying on the charity of other family members to get by.

But Mr Leong’s isn’t a hard luck story – it’s turning out to be the average Singaporean’s story. He’s just telling it for the rest of us.

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One response to “When You Wake Up From The Singapore Dream”

  1. ParadiseIsland Avatar

    True, true, true & true. We’ve heard all these before. A bit disappointed to know at the end of the day, the bank is still telling us to give them all our money without any special consideration to these target group. Besides signing agreements to keep the money safe in the bank earning interest, give more open contract instead of being tied to normal contractual agreement. I don’t think it is flexible enough to solve the problems. Nice storytelling and message, but I’m skeptical on the call to action.

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