The Best is in Days of Yore

Last night I attended the 126th ACS Founder’s Day Dinner and had fun catching up with my classmates (Class of ’85), discovered that Gerald Giam is an ACS boy (Class of ’93), as is Lam Pin Min (Class of ’85).

We also spent some time trying to recall what Messrs. Lam and Tan Chuan-Jin (Class of ’85) were like in school. Luckily for them, we couldn’t remember much.

It was also a good thing I arrived really late, at the 2nd last course of the sharksfinless Chinese dinner, and avoided the time-honored tradition of present ACS boys and girls trying to sell all manner of school memorabilia, merchandise, and solicit donations from diners.

Please hor, school very big already. No need to annoy old boys paying $100 a head to catch up. All you’re doing is training the kids when they grow up to sell tissue paper at the hawker centre.

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