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  • Anglo Minus Chinese School

    To commemorate¬†ACS Founder’s Day, the good people at Temasek Clothings have made a special t-shirt celebrate the school’s historically renowned standard of Chinese As A Second Language (or “Your Mother’s Tongue”). ACS Boys (and Girls) get a special discount with the code “ACS10” when you order on their website.

  • My Sec One Classmates

    From my Secondary One class (1982): I’m kinda known as a writer of nonsense, my classmate Chuan-Jin is now Senior Minister of State for National Development and Acting Manpower Minister, and one other classmate became known as VR Man. I guess you could say we took home different lessons from our teachers.

  • The Best is in Days of Yore

    Last night I attended the 126th ACS Founder’s Day Dinner and had fun catching up with my classmates (Class of ’85), discovered that Gerald Giam is an ACS boy (Class of ’93), as is Lam Pin Min (Class of ’85). We also spent some time trying to recall what Messrs. Lam and Tan Chuan-Jin (Class…