Smoking lady

There’s a woman who works in my office building who is always downstairs smoking in the atrium. Every time I go out of the building, and I mean every time, she’s there, puffing away, either alone or chatting with other people. I see her smoking at least three times a day. Nobody knows how many other times she’s there smoking, and being away from her desk.

Or maybe she doesn’t work. Hmmm.

In other news, the Afro-Asia Building (I know right, what a name) across the road is still closed after Wednesday’s fatal fire.

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4 responses to “Smoking lady”

  1. Daren_3 Avatar

    any work behavior that is way out of the norm
    and being tolerated by the company can be
    explained by one thing, that person is related to
    the big boss. 
    i had one co-worker who not only had bad work
    performance, bad work attitude and regularly dissappear
    from work without informing his superior.
    he was still getting promoted.
    later it was leaked that he is the boss nephew.
    early dont say

  2. AL Avatar

    Back in the day when Starhub had their helpdesk at the ST building in Tai Seng Avenue, the staff were constantly smoking downstairs.  The sides of the front lobby were littere with cigarette butts.  Strange considering these people use their voice for a living.

  3. Tabitha Avatar

    Wait.. an Afro-Asian Building?!

    1. Mr Miyagi Avatar

      Uh huh. It’s open again.

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